A big question a lot of people ask when looking for custom design when it comes to building a brand new home or making some major renovations on an existing abode is whether or not to hire a residential architect. Some top notch architects' prices can be off-putting at first, leaving some to wonder if the price is really worth it. If you find the right residential architect who knows what they are doing, they are absolutely worth the money - and here is why. 

Building Permits and Licences

  The size of the project or renovation is likely to determine whether you should consider a residential architect. When professional plans are required to be drawn up and submitted for approval, hiring a residential architect is the smartest way to go. In addition, if you submit plans that aren't signed and approved by a professional, you will assume full liability for any damages or repairs that need to be made down the line.  

Fit, Form and Function

Residential architects offer a comprehensive service. Starting with the initial consultation, the residential architect will gather every shred of information they need to meet the client's needs, goals and budget while analyzing the site to decide what makes the most sense for the space.

Once the client agrees on a preliminary design from the residential architect, it is developed through 3-D software where a realistic replica is created. This gives the client a much better idea of what their dream home will look like. Finally, the residential architect creates construction drawings (blueprints) so that every aspect of the design - from the framing to the windows - will be implemented precisely to the specifications. An expert residential architect will make these plans so detailed, the builder and subsequent companies contracted to finish all the elements will be able to do their job with ease.

Choosing a Residential Architect or Designer

So, how do you find the right architect? There is no better way to find an expert than to ask around. If you don't know anyone in your immediate circle that can recommend a residential architect, take to social media.

Specialized sites like Houzz are designed for showcasing top talent in the custom home design and building industry. Houzz offers you the chance to see past projects the prospective residential architect has worked on and reviews on past clients' and builder's experiences in working with them. This is a great starting point to find the perfect fit to design your custom dream home. 

If you are looking for a residential designer with a wealth of industry experience, contact us at Marre Design Group. We'd love to be a part of your next project.