Whether you’re looking to make some major renovations to your existing home or you are considering building a brand new dream house, hiring an architect is an option that many consider, but may not completely understand the depth of the role they play. Here is what a residential architect actually does and how they can help you efficiently build your dream home.

1) Schematic designs

In this preliminary stage, the residential architect provides rough sketches that encompass the general layout, size, and appearance of the house. They take into account the client’s essential needs, budget, ideas and typically do a site analysis.This is the initial phase where there is a lot of room for discussion to find out what you do and don’t like. Changes can be made more easily and effectively in this phase so ensure communication with your residential architect is clear and you both understand your vision. A few different concepts may be offered.

2) Design Development

This is where the residential architect’s rough sketches are turned into a more defined model of the house. Usually a 3D software program is used to accurately design the architecture of the house adding floor plans, roof design as well as smaller details that add character to the house and bring the envisioned concept to life. The professional renderings from the residential architect will let you see exactly what your house will look like when it is complete.

3) Construction Drawings

Not only are residential architects artists, having the capability to create beautiful architecture, they are technical experts and are able to create blueprints for the house to be built precisely to certain specifications. These blueprints are so detailed, they will be the rubric by which your chosen builder or contractor will follow. No matter who undertakes the construction of the project, if followed properly, the house should turn out exactly the same. The residential architect’s detailed drawings are also compulsory in order to obtain a building permit.

4) Hiring a Builder

When the construction drawings are completed by the residential architect, you are ready to move forward with the project and hire a general contractor or builder. Residential architects usually have good working relationships with preferred contractors or builders. Otherwise, you can choose your own or have the residential architect help you solicit bids from qualified candidates. The residential architect is an important component as they will help prepare bidding documents, be able to answer any specific questions from the builders or negotiate on certain aspects of the project. However, you will always have the final say.

5) Construction

Finally, after all the process and planning, your envisioned dream home will become a reality. However, this can also be a very arduous process especially if there are discrepancies between the residential architect’s drawings and the builder. The residential architect will observe construction from the sidelines and be able to aid in avoiding wrong turns or provide solutions to unforeseen issues that may arise.

The best way to ensure the smoothest sailing from the initial planning to completion of your dream home is to start by hiring an exceptional residential architect. At Marre Design Group, we have a plethora of past projects and experience to draw from and would love to be involved in helping you design and build your dream home. Contact us today and let us help make your dream a reality.