You’ve decided you are going to need a residential architect or home planning firm for the depth of the construction designs and alterations that are needed for a renovation or building a completely new house. However, picking the right residential architect or design firm that is highly experienced, listens to your needs and pays keen attention in making the blueprints so the construction of the project runs smoothly can be tricky. Here are some ways to ensure you pick the best residential architect.

Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out who people loved working with, and more importantly, who they didn’t. You’re more likely to hear about friends' and family’s negative experiences than their positive ones, which can be just as helpful. Find out which residential architect or design firm they chose for a renovation or building project and what their experience was like. This is the best way to start weeding out the nightmare architects, and building a list of outstanding potentials.   

Research Online

If people that are close to you haven’t had any experience with residential architects, or, you want to do some more research on your own, hop online. Google is a great starting point to find all the general information about the residential architect. Search targeted social media sites like Houzz which specialize in showcasing residential architects among other home-building related industry people.

Houzz has an easy to navigate platform where you can view past projects the prospective residential architect has worked on. They also have a wonderful review function where everyone from past clients to tradespeople to contractors can leave reviews about their experience in working with the architect. The chances are, the more (positive) reviews you see, the more the residential architect takes pride in building and fostering lasting relationships. This is a kind of architect you are looking for especially considering the length of some building projects. 


​Look at the Portfolios

If you’ve chosen a few prospective residential architects, set up an interview where you can peruse their portfolios. Ask to see a few different past projects they have worked on and look for similar architectural elements that you are envisioning for your own project. Ask to speak to clients they've worked with. This is also a great time to ask them questions; anything from how many projects they currently have in progress to how they handled themselves when projects ran into problems. Also finding out if they have preferred builders or contractors they work with can be helpful down the line when your house is ready for construction.

It can be tough but ensure you find a residential architect or design firm that you are confident will be easy to communicate with, will execute your project according to your needs and will deliver top quality service. We at Marre Design Group pride ourselves on such attributes and are always looking for exciting projects to work on. Contact us to be a part of designing your next patio renovation or custom home. We’d love to work with you!