Whether you're starting a project from scratch or you're looking to do a rennovation, having the right residential architect or home planner absolutely takes the stress off of you.

We designed and built this Crescent Heights home in Calgary. Starting from a hole in the ground and a set of archictural renderings, you can see how piece by piece this home came together.

Calgary Infill Designed by Marre Design Group (Residential Architect)

We pride ourselves in creatind some of the most highly-detailed renderings in the industry - that attention to detail ensures that every contractor, from the framers to the finishing carpenters, know exactly how your home should be built. When you choose Marre Design Group as your and have us design your home, we help take the stress off of you. 

The plans we provide (like those we featured in a previous blog post about residential architecture renderings) are highly detailed - some of the best in the industry  - so from concept to execution, you'll know exactly what your home will look like. While any architect can simply put together a house plan, we as a specialized residential planning & design group bring our vast knowledge of home design as well as a undstanding of home architecture fundamentals to ensure that your home can be built exactly to spec.

So contact us today and we'll help you through the process today!