Because our summers here in Calgary are so short lived, we have to maximize every ounce of sunlight we get. Creating a special living area for your backyard is one way to enjoy the beautiful weather.
However, the sun in Calgary can feel pretty strong at times and we are well known for our unpredictable weather. Here are some options for enhancing and covering your outdoor space no matter Calgary's crazy weather conditions. 


A pergola is a very versatile option that a custom home planner or architect can help you incorporate into your backyard or landscaping. It is particularly a smart choice for a city like Calgary where we encounter long winters with a lot of heavy snow. You can also get creative with this structure by using different materials or incorporating add-ons like plant boxes or curtains.


Home Add-on

This is a great option for those looking for a larger investment in an outdoor space. An addition like this can increase the square footage of your Calgary home, thus increasing the value. Be sure to consult an architect or custom home planner as there will be engineering elements that need to be blueprinted by a professional to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure.



If you are looking for something more subtle, there are many options for creating lounging spaces or seating areas that a custom home architect or planner can easily help you design. Collect some photos of spaces that suit your style and communicate clearly with your architect what you would like the outcome to look like. Even the slightest rearragnement or addition can completely change the look of an outdoor area and enhance your backyard space.


Attached Roof

Adding a roof to a pre-existing deck or patio is also an option to keep you cool during those blazing hot summer days. There are a variety of materials that can be used. Decide if you want the roof to provide full shade or you're looking for transparency to allow some light through (which can be nice during Calgary winters). Your home architect or planner will be able to go through all your options according to your desires, budget and space.


Gazebos are beautiful for events or staging more of a formal space for sitting or dining. It is still a structure that is best built by consulting a professional architect or home planner who can also help you design the entire space around it ensuring you maximize your outdoor area.

Articulate your personal style and get the most out of your backyard this summer. Contact us at Marre Design Group and let us help you translate your backyard entertaining ideas into concrete solutions.