Part of the services we offer at Marre Design include not only the designs and drawings for the large scale architecutre of the house, but also the details like millwork, cabinets and built-ins that that truly make a home one-of-a-kind. Storage is always an issue for home owners especially in a market where larger land parcels come at a premium. Storage options like built-ins help maximize every inch of space by making organization a no-brainer. Having a residential architect plan built-ins into your custom home design from the beginning can help create beautiful and practical spaces without needing a painful renovation in the future. Here are ways to work custom built-ins in to 5 different rooms of your house.

5) Living Room

One of the easiest places to incorporate built-ins is in the living room. It can work well as an overall design feature enhancing the space not only for storage purposes but to display favourite collectibles like books, statues or vases. Using the area underneath the stairs is also a great way to utilize space that otherwise would be wasted. 

4) Kitchen 

A kitchen naturally comes with ample room for storage spaces. So, why not have your residential architect plan to efficiently maximize the space to the best of their expert design ability? As there are a ton of utensils, endless amounts of cookware, and plenty of electronic appliances to find homes for - all might we add coming in a variety of odd shapes and sizes - it can never hurt to have too much kitchen storage space. Work a kitchen island into your design for an extra area to prepare food on with the added benefit of cupboards underneath for storage of wine or dishware. Also consider adding cupboards on top of your main cabinets. Use them to display special dishware like fine china. If it does go unused, the back lighting of these glass covered cupboards lend a warm ambience to the popular common area.  

3) Entrance or Mud Room

Utitlize the entrance area by having your residential architect build an adjoining mudroom or built-ins for storage of boots, coats and winter wear (which, unfortunately is seemingly like it won't have to remain hidden for much longer here in Calgary). An added bench makes dressing and undressing multiple layers a breeze. 

2) Bedroom 

Whether it's built-in storage via a window seat, walk in closet or even around or under the bed, the bedroom is a great place to not only store but hide storage spaces when executed well. Residential architects can offer clever tricks to provide spaces with ample storage that won't make the space look disheveled. 

1) Office

An office or den is naturally accompanied by a ton of electronics or office supplies that, if not stored properly can looking untidy. Ask your residential architect to design a space that effortlessly takes care of your office storage needs.

All of the built-ins included in this post are designs by Marre Design Group. If any of these spaces catch your eye or you would like a consultation to maximize the space in your custom home, we'd love to help. Contact us today.