It’s not just the finely crafted home… it’s how you get there!

Our Design Process is unique, and sets Marre Design Group absolutely apart from the rest. It is part of the reason why much of our work today comes by referral and why both home-owners and general contractors alike are so pleased to work with us. It is faster, we save our client’s valuable time, and help them to stay on budget.


It all starts with a conversation. It’s a relaxed and fun meeting where we spend time getting to know one another. We ask thoughtful questions to truly understand your vision. We learn about your lifestyle, work, family, taste, personality, values, what’s most important to you, and how you use various parts of the home. As well, we discuss the budget.

This meeting becomes the basis for our program, and it’s critical to the success of our projects! The initial meeting typically lasts 3-4 hours, and as part of our commitment to providing the highest level of service, we always come to you. Design meetings are held wherever it is most convenient for our clients; most often in their living rooms.


By the next meeting, only 4-6 weeks later, we present a fully finished design that we feel meets your needs. This approach is extremely atypical, as traditional firms often take many months, and dozens of client meetings before their clients start to see the level of detail that we show by our second meeting.

Each project requires tremendous research, multiple site visits, and dozens of iterations in preparation for this meeting. However, all of that work is done behind the scenes, based on the findings from our first visit.  By our second meeting, the design is presented with detailed 3D models, already with ideas for interior detailing.

We don’t expect that the first home we present is what the client will build… although that does happen. The intent is to use this initial design to understand in a meaningful way, what works for you (and what doesn’t).  Consequently, feedback can be much more succinct. Based on that feedback we redesign a home, again in great detail. Virtually always the second design—with some fine-tuning to make it just right—gets built.


Marre is able to begin working with other professionals in greater depth at earlier stages of the project, thanks in large part to the volume of detail produced early in the design process. 

In the design development phase we produce photo-realistic color renderings, to better represent exactly what the finished home will look like. We love to meet with Architectural Design Review Boards and neighbors.

We then begin fine-tuning some of the products and specifications by working on the meticulous connections needed to make the dream home come to life. We talk about projected costs at every stage, and the budget is fine-tuned as more detail comes together.

Construction documentation

Our approach to construction drawings is as unique as the design process. We want construction to go as smoothly as possible—without any surprises along the way! For example, we design the structural systems in conjunction with the lighting, to ensure that lights can be precisely placed. Our drawings are extremely thorough. In addition to framing and envelope details, we provide elevations of every cabinet and specifications for all the millwork and moldings, and all in concert with the framing to make certain that every facet can come together flawlessly.

What further sets us apart is that we provide all that detail right from the beginning! It helps contractors give more accurate budgets and helps construction progress more smoothly with less need for costly change orders along the way. You’ll know exactly what to expect!


We represent our clients, and assist at every step. We meet regularly on-site and make ourselves constantly available to our clients, other members of the design team, and the general contractor. There’s never a long wait for a needed answer or direction. We want to help things go as planned. We pay attention to every detail, watch the quality level carefully, and work closely with the team to provide solutions as concerns arise.

Because we provide so much detail upfront, our projects have very few change orders. Changes to construction can be costly and time-consuming, and usually can be avoided with careful planning. We commit to not make changes to the design once the drawings are complete, and help you stay on track as much as we can. As a result, it’s easier to stay on budget.


We’re available to you until you move in—and we’ll be celebrating as much as you that day! We love to see the finished product almost as much as we love to see your smiles at the end.

Because living in a Marre Design home is the best part!


A question often comes up about what “style” we prefer. At Marre Design, we simply love architecture and we love design. We’re passionate about it! We work on projects of all kinds, and sizes, and hope not to be typecast with a specific one. There are some outstanding examples of historic houses, some really beautiful and well resolved transitional projects, and many modern homes that are truly exceptional, with things to learn and take away from each.  

With every new project, we still get excited to delve into what’s great about the chosen architectural style, and with research and experience, identify what can be done with it – regardless of the number of potentially comparable past projects. Fundamental design principles are not style specific. Proportions of space, layering or framing views, use of light and shadow, form, flow, functionality, and all with a vigilant resolution to the detailing; these principles are universal and timeless and are applied to our projects, irrespective of style.  

Those times when you were in a space that just felt great, or warm, inviting, cozy, peaceful, or even inspiring, but you couldn’t say exactly why, were the result of careful, thoughtful design. That’s the “style” we strive to work in!


There’s a lot of talk today about being mindful of the environment and “green building”. And rightfully so! We have been pleased to be members of the Green Building Council for many years and always strive to be responsible and progressive with various materials, products and methods of construction.  But at Marre Design we believe that building “green” is fundamentally a design issue. Certification checklists help, but ultimately our goal is to design a home so as not to waste the precious resources required. It means ensuring that every single square foot of a home (regardless of how many square feet that may be) is meaningful, purposeful and thoughtfully used.

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Our goal is to provide meaningful and functional design for all familes